Amazing Qiang Huang’s Workshop at the Waverly Artists Group!

We had the great fortune to have the incredible guest artist Qiang Huang, join us for 3 days at the Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery to teach the workshop Still Life Oil Painting and On-line Art Marketing.

The workshop was a great success! We had 17 amazing artists join us to learn from Qiang. We started the first two days with a very interesting presentation given by Qiang, then he painted an incredible demo, and after lunch we had more than 3 hours to paint a still life chosen by us and placed on a still life set up Qiang taught us how to build. During those 3 hours we had Qiang’s constant advice and guidance. The last  day, we painted in the morning and during the afternoon Qiang shared his On-line marketing knowledge…Amazing!

Here are some photos taken during the workshop:

Qiang's presentation

Qiang’s presentation

photo 5

Starting the first demo

photo 11

First demo by Qiang Huang!

photo 10

His still life for the 1st demo

photo 12

Everybody working hard! So much fun!

photo 2

Another view of the group listening to Qiang.

photo 9

Ready to start..

photo 13

Still life for his second demo!

photo 14

Second demo by Qiang Huang

photo 15

Our WAG artists Judy Crane and Angela Tommaso Riccobene painting some masterpieces during the workshop.

photo 17

Some of the incredible paintings made by the students during the workshop

photo 18

More paintings…

photo 21

…and more!

photo 20

Great workshop!

photo 19

Amazing Group!!


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