Open House Featuring 22 Incredible Artists on Friday, May 31st!

You are invited to the Waverly Artists Group Gallery, Cary, NC, on Friday, May 31st, for a special time of visual art, music, food, wine and great conversation with creative friends who are imagining a better world through beauty.

During our May Open House you will be delighted with the most recent creations from our talented artists: Angela Tommaso Riccobene, Debbie Sanks, Deborah Younglao, Patricia Savage, Margot Holloman, Rocky Alexander, Dan Nelson, Judy Crane, David Stickel, Catherine Thorton, Jimmy Williams, Beth Carrington Brown, Kristen Dill, Gary Bradley, Mike Ericsson, Monica Linares, David Foster, JJ Jiang, Sonia Kane, Aimee Cuthrell, Ruth McGregor and Veronica Samuels.

Our evening begins at 6:00 pm with music from guitarist Heath Tuttle and the drumming circle Rhythmicity until 9:00 pm. Come early, bring your friends, stay late and enjoy a wonderful evening with us!

To celebrate this great season, a large selection of the work will be available at a 20% discount during this event.

"Dreamscapes I", photo by WAG artist Jimmy Williams

“Dreamscapes I”, photo by WAG artist Jimmy Williams


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