Urban Impressions Workshop: A Mixed Media Approach to the Urban Landscape By Patti Mollica. March 2014

Place: Waverly Artists Group Studio
Date: March 15-18, 2014
Time:  9:00am to 4:00pm
Price: $515
To register or for more information e-mail: eventsWAG@gmail.com

The Big Apple 600, mixed media, 24 x 18 by Patti Mollica

The Big Apple 600, mixed media, 24 x 18 by Patti Mollica

This workshop will be about capturing the visual excitement of the urban landscape in a mixed media approach using acrylics, collage, pastel, pen and ink, and any other water-based products.  Students will have the opportunity to work from prints of digital photos that they have taken on city streets, or work from some selected photos of NYC in Patti’s collection.

Patti will invite the individual artist and the group to develop one or several semi-abstract pieces over the 4-day workshop. She will guide students in the process of organizing the complexity of the urban landscape while also guide them in emphasizing the vibrancy of city life with its sudden juxtapositions and chaotic signage. Patti will also encourage students to work with color in a bold and expressive way, in a manner that relies less on actual realistic hues, and more on taking liberties for a more dramatic depiction of “the city energy”.

Day one will start with an introduction and presentation by Patti of NYC photos and the paintings, both traditional and mixed media, that resulted. Students will practice exercises that will help them learn how to grasp and simplify the essence of the complex urban environment. Over the next three days of the workshop she will guide students both individually and thru group instruction in methods and processes. The lessons learned in this workshop are not limited to the urban landscape – they are fundamentals that can be used in all genres alike – landscapes, still life, figurative, etc. Although the focus of the workshop is the urban landscape, students who are interested in learning this mixed media approach are welcome to choose a different genre if they choose.

To see more of Patti’s work, visit her website at www.pattimollica.com and her blog at http://newyorkpainter.blogspot.com. Patti has authored 3 books on painting techniques and color theory. The workshop is open to collage artists, acrylic and watercolor painters, as well as pastel and colored pencil artists.

Heading downtown2, Mixed Media, 24 x 18, by Patti Mollica

Heading downtown2, Mixed Media, 24 x 18, by Patti Mollica


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