Promoting Beauty in Our Town!

Please join us this Friday, July the 25th from 6 to 9pm, for our monthly open house featuring the Watercolors of Rocky Alexander and a special introduction to the work of the Cary Visual Arts organization.

You will not want to miss this good evening!

Last month’s open house was such fun, over 300 guest came and we had as usual music, food, wine, laughter, art, conversation and such a wonderful evening of relationships. In the spirit of our desire to promote beauty in our town we have invited our resident artist Rocky Alexander to showcase some of her very recent and amazing transparent watercolors. They are so nice that artists in our gallery are buying them!

In addition, we are promoting this month the Cary Visual Arts! The mission of this fantastic organization is to promote, inspire, encourage, and support visual arts for the uplifting of the human spirit in the Cary community. Stop by the Waverly Artists Group Gallery on July 25th, 6 to 9pm, to meet these wonderful people and hear more about what they are doing to add beauty to our town.

Iris series, 16 x 20, Watercolor by Rocky Alexander

Iris series, 16 x 20, Watercolor by Rocky Alexander


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